Hurt, heartbreak & fuzzy emotions


Been a bit slack with posting. Sorry to all my readers (zero of you so far lol) but here we go… A bit of a touchy subject for some but let’s give it a go! Be blessed 🙂

Hurt is an emotion that many of us have experienced, or will experience at some point of our lives. Not the physical kind of hurt (we’ll talk about that another time. But we say no to domestic violence ALWAYS!). But I mean the emotional kind. The heartbreak kind… Heartbreak is something that some of us might have the pleasure (yeah, right) of going through. If you’re reading this and you haven’t come across this feeling as of yet, God willing you never have to! This is something I want to cover as many of us have gone through it. And I want to uncover some of the reasons as to why we do. Some people mask their brokenness with shame and a feeling of incompetence to be loved. By no means should you ever feel that way. Jesus has a reason for that heartbreak you went through. He has a reason for that person stealing from you. He has a reason for people leaving your path in life. Trust in Him. Hopefully this will open someone’s eyes and make them realise no matter how worthless they may have felt, they are the complete opposite in Gods eyes. You are made for a purpose. In all due time you will realise why you were living in that ‘dark place’. I’ll give you 3 reasons in todays sesh, maybe you’ll relate to all three. But only you and God will know. We all go through different walks and trials. Never be ashamed of yours as it is placed in your walk of life to make you stronger!

Heartbreak, the feeling of emptiness and hurt is not a small issue. These emotions can break you from the inside out. It’s overwhelming and hurt changes a person. It may change the way you act in the future, the way you hold yourself and/or the way you treat others. Everyone reacts differently, remember we are all different.

Most don’t see heartbreak as a blessing, but it is! 1) It’s God protecting you from someone that wasn’t meant for you. God saved you from the wrong one, that you thought was YOUR one. Sometimes God tells us and even shows us why this person isn’t for you, yet we turn a blind eye. We are ruled by our emotions and listen to ourselves instead of Him. Listen to God the first time and it’ll save you from so much grief, believe me, been there done that lol. Putting all that aside, if you didn’t listen to God or simply didn’t hear him, just know he will heal you.. He is preparing a place in your heart for the person destined for you. The person that will stay by your side, love you, respect you, complete you, accept you and who is perfect for you in every way. Someone FROM God, someone who will benefit your life more so than the one who may have left…
Another reason for heartbreak is 2) MAYBE, just maybe, they are the right person for you. Maybe they’re the one, but it’s not meant to be happening at this moment in time. So God puts a hold on your relationship. You don’t know for how long, but obey and listen out for Him when he gives the thumbs up and un pauses your relationship. God will bring you back together only when you are able to bless each other’s lives. You weren’t able to do so before, but he’s pulled you both apart to change you. When he’s ready for the unity, nothing will be able to stop you. God has worked on you both individually before bringing you back together and he’s blessed you. Keep trusting God, everything happens for a reason and his timing is perfect.
Another reason: 3) God wants to discipline you. Hebrews 12:6 says
“The Lord disciplines everyone he loves; he punishes everyone he accepts as a child.”
He loves us and will discipline us to shape and mould us into the person he wants us to be. The best version of us. Maybe you were so in love with this person that you put them before God without realising. Maybe you spent all your time reading their txts over and over again instead of reading at least one verse from the bible! (Yes speaking from experience, oh the shame). Perhaps you become distant from God and are changing from the person you once knew yourself to be. God wants you to return to the path he’s laid out for you, to get back on track. So he allows that person to break your heart, or he allows that person to let you down. He does this because he loves you. Strange I know, someone loves you so they let you get hurt. As funny as that sounds, it is the truth, he does it out of love. And it’s a beautiful thing! God does this so that you realise the love he has for you! So you can discover (or rediscover) his love for you. To remember that God alone is enough. He will never fail you, he will never hurt you, he will never break your heart. To remember that there is no love like his- none. Because his love is unchanging and constant. It is the sole reason we are still on this earth, because he loves us. Having gone through this revelation myself, I realised how God really works, and got a glimpse of his heart. Yes he is a loving and just God. Yes he is gracious and will protect us. But God wants us to stay on track. To do what he has planned for us. Anyone that will alter this course or try to steer you away from it will be removed. Whether it be permanent or temporarily. No matter how much you may or may not like it, trust. It is in your best interest to listen to God, he knows what’s best. He wrote your life story and knows what you’re going to have for breakfast this time next year.

I could go on… But the most important piece of advice I could ever give is to say no. Let your answer always be no (when thinking about dating someone) until God says yes. We always take into consideration whether or not that person meets our standards. Whether they meet our parents standards, or even the standards of our friends. But the real question is, do they meet my Gods standards for ME? Were they made for ME? Pray to God before jumping into anything, whether it be out of loneliness, boredom, curiosity etc. it doesn’t matter. Always ask God for his blessing.  Do not let your emotions speak louder than that of the voice of God. Say no until God has given you the all clear to pursue a relationship with someone.

A quick note: if you don’t have a relationship with God, I bet he’ll be wanting you to seek one with him before anyone else. Just Incase you blame me for false advertising haha seek God before anyone else guys. It won’t work otherwise.



With love,




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