Burgers with & without sauce

Ok, so the first time I tried In-N-Out I thought it was really average. Like I’ll never buy you again, kind of average. Like don’t believe the hype kind of material.  Anyways, Nav wanted to check it out and I hesitantly agreed. Of course I warned him, telling him what I already thought of the place. But what do you know, one bite and it turned out to be really good. Yup, embarrassing for me lol. Then realised my previous experience was pretty yuck because they hadn’t added any sauce into it. But it was added the second time I tried it. So of course now it tastes pretty amazing cos ALL the ingredients are present. Nav (probably thinking I’m the meanest fiapoko lol) then told me not to go off someone else’s experience. That’s why he still wanted to try it despite my nay saying. Telling me not to go by what other people say, but to try it out for yourself. Man, isn’t that a valuable life lesson in itself? Not just relating it to food (even though that’s a really important subject haha)  but to anything in life. For instance, sometimes you miss out on an amazing experience because a friend said it was boring and a waste of time/ money etc. so you don’t end up giving it a go. We’re all different! Something that I might enjoy might not be enjoyable for someone else. You’ll never know unless you try it for yourself. A typical example is disliking someone because you heard something about them. Classic!!! It happens all the time. Let’s just say the secret sauce represents the truth. So your first experience with that person is bitter because you’ve already decided that you don’t like them, based on what you’ve heard. Because what’s missing in the tale is a little bit of truth. Now let’s say that you add that sauce into the mix, so you see for yourself whether what you’ve been told is true or not. More times than not, you’ve been told fabricated stories about a person. It’s like Chinese whispers. The person that’s given you misleading information was probably told that story from someone else. So along the line you don’t really know where the mixup came from. Then you have the odd person that likes to make things up. I don’t know why on earth you would. Moving on… Lol anyways I’ve been through this myself. Turns out I actually loved that person and they were nothing like the stories I’d heard about them. They turned out to be someone that God sent to help me with my spiritual walk. Someone that strengthened me and always spoke life, never having anything bad to say about anyone. I’ve never been so appreciative finding out for myself. Rose if you’re reading this haha I love you! So the moral of the story is… In-N-Out is yum. Go buy it lol




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