That one uncle…

We all have that one uncle. You know, the blunt one who’s honesty sometimes hurts your soul lol they mean well, they just speak their mind. Well anyways, I came across someone’s uncle the other day (LOL) he was the cutest little Indian man who looked about 60+ years of age. I was in his way so I moved and he apologised for making me move. He was so apologetic and it was honestly no big deal, I wasn’t even bothered. So as you do, you try and make them feel better by adding in a joke (never again). I cheerfully replied with “awwww no you’re fine, I’m getting some extra exercise”. Wait for it. He replies, all whilst smiling btw, “you need it”. Those 3 words hurt my heart hahaha my face was still smiling and out comes my fake laugh. I couldn’t believe what I just heard but if we’re being honest, he had a point lol. I just didn’t want to hear it, thank you lol sometimes we hear things we don’t want to. But it’s constructive feedback/criticism that’ll help you. It’s hard for us to hear it sometimes because you feel as if people point out our flaws, or things we can’t do properly. In reality, they point those things out to better you. The key is to take it in, and work on it. Now I’m not saying I’m going to take that mans advice (I should but not making any promises) lol but just because it sounded a bit rude, doesn’t mean it was intended that way. He meant well and usually they all do. So don’t take it to heart when your uncle tells you that you eat too much lol he’s the one that’ll tell you like it is. In a harsh but loving way. And yes we all have an uncle like this, don’t deny it lol. Anyways my point is, don’t get angry when someone insinuates that you’re fat and need to lose weight lol just be happy that you’re well fed because there’s always food on the table hahaha


With love,





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