For my sisters. Pt 1

Nav and I started this blog to help others learn from our mistakes (relationship wise). To give out advice that we wish we had received before doing the dating-game. Something that we hope is relatable to those of all ages. And shapes and sizes😂 for me it is a personal topic because I always have my sisters at mind. I never want them to go through anything that I went through and will go to whatever lengths (in my power) to prevent it. I hope we all feel the same way about our siblings and start teaching them young.

Soooo, this post is for our first time daters. Mostly for our younger youth, but definitely not only subject to them.

The first thing you need to do before pursuing anything, is ask your parents. It might sound silly but I know a few 20 something year olds that aren’t allowed to date. If your parents don’t want you dating, listen to them. Don’t go behind their backs because let me tell you, the grapevine moves like wildfire and they’ll find out when your Aunty calls saying that your cousin told them😂 anyway, more times than not they’re right about their decision on your dating status. Sometimes they can just see that you aren’t ready, and they’re trying to protect you until you are. It doesn’t matter if you think they’re right or not, when you honour your parents, God will bless you. “Children, obey your parents in everything. This pleases the Lord.”
‭‭Colossians‬ ‭3:20‬ ‭ERV‬‬

I remember in primary school, this boy asked me out and I told him to ask my dad. I never heard from him again (about the topic at hand)😂😂
Sometimes letting people know that you wont date them until you’ve mediated with your parents will filter out the weak ones haha kidding. If anything, any respectable person will respect you when you show them that you would rather obey your parents instead of hiding it from them.

I see a lot of younger kids in intermediate and high school being in and wanting relationships. That’s fine, but ask yourself, ‘why do I want a boyfriend/ girlfriend?’. Relationships are not about the two of you, it’s about serving someone else. Ultimately, it’s purpose is to glorify God. It isn’t so you can go on cute little dates and so you have someone telling you how pretty/handsome you are everyday. Even though that’s a bonus. Lol (that’ll come hand in hand, but it isn’t a priority). If those are your only reasons, then they are selfish reasons. It means you are not spiritually mature yet and you need to wait a little bit longer and wait on God…… Tbc 🙂
Keep posted for part 2!!
God bless and love heaps,


X (Currently in San Fransisco 🙂 )


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